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Blue Grunhilde's Bazookas by TheVoidSlayer
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Newest awesomeness can be found here.
Much of what you see is rough, and largely unfinished, either awaiting inking, coloring, or both. I will likely get around to doing this when I have time, but for those of you out there who like to ink and color the work of others, feel free to send me a note asking about it.
Otherwise, enjoy.




Blue Grunhilde Full Front
That took longer than I wanted it to. Here's more of the blue bazookas.

Question I'd like to pose to anyone willing to answer - I played with the transparency of her bangs in this pic and the last one to make her eyelashes and eyebrows somewhat visible. How does it look?  
Blue Grunhilde's Bazookas
I needed something blue after the purple and black. More pics of her to come in the following days as I put the finishing touches on coloring them.

Fun Fact - She's also the ball park answer for the question: "How far can I push the ratios of muscularity before I think it starts looking too weird." 
Black Scarlet's Big Guns
I've figured out I can get more detail by drawing from the waist up only. Since I literally sketch on 11x8.5 paper, drawing that way gets the character larger and lets me color in more detail after scanning.

Apparently Scarlet is bringing nuke launchers to the gun fight.

And that idea. I've got it! Now I just need to assemble a cast to go with these two and write it!  
Black Scarlet
Name for her hair.
I decided I needed a dark color scheme too. Black is tricky to work with, so this is as dark as I could go and still have reasonable shadows.

That idea from Raiza is coalescing into something more tangible now. 
Purple Raiza's BACK
Still haven't figured out what she's for... yet. But ideas are circulating.
And HOLY SHIT. I didn't think I was capable of making something that looks like THAT.
However, these will be a tad different. Rather than drawing, I will be writing.
I will write a short story based upon a character or characters of your choosing.
To keep things simple for now, this round will be sticking to FMG/Giantess.
Tell me what character(s) you want to see, what you want to happen to them, how big/buff you want them to get, what you want them to do, etc.
If it's a character from a known source, name it or include references so I know what these characters look like and what their personalities are like.
If you want an original character tell me what you want the character to look like and what their personality is like.
The sky is the limit. It doesn't have to just be "she gets big and buff" and that's it. These lady(s) could be fighting someone or each other, or competing in something, etc.
Use your imagination!
Request away!  


I spy with my satellite eye...
United States
I am a humble gentleman from the Great Beyond, who enjoys awesomeness in a myriad of forms.


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